Motion Capture Shoot – Robot Vs Scarecrow

So much fun shooting mo cap choreography sequence for award winning Director Kibwe Taveres. His previous short won at Sundance film festival and is heart wrenchingly beautiful as is this one. Without giving too much away it is a story of the human condition, or not so as it were, love and consumerism.

Filming took place at Andy Serkis’s (Gollam) Imaginarium Studio.  It’s an incredible space and the process was really interesting. Thankfully they had a real time avatar for me to watch as I was performing so I could immediately reference my choreography in relation to how it looks as the character of the robot. State of the art CGI equipment was intrinsic in this working process. I’m hoping teleportation may well come soon 😉

Edit will be completed summer 2017 and hopefully appearing at South By South West Festival.