On Nick Jr!

As the face of Nick Jr! for 3 years, she first presented ‘Wake Up World’ a pre schoolers breakfast show for 2 years. She is passionate about providing quality children’s programming and decided to write her own show. Formed initially from an idea to fill some time on a rainy afternoon while looking after her god daughter, in 2012 Helena came up with Kushaboom! which takes children on a geographical dance adventure. It was commissioned by Nickelodeon Networks in 2013 and has been airing on Nick Jr! since 2014. Helena presents, choreographed and co – created the show. She wanted to inspire young children to dance and learn about the world around through dance and different dance cultures.

“I am fascinated by other cultures, being a dancer I particularly find the huge range of varying dance styles interesting.  I believe all children should be encouraged to dance; it promotes freedom of expression, self- esteem, motor skills, fitness, creative thinking and above all, they love it.”  Nick Jr! is the leading commercial channel for pre- schoolers in the UK. There is a designated show page and also a dress up and play with Helena game page on the Nick Jr! Website. She has read 3 of their popular ‘Bedtime Stories’ and done numerous voice overs for the channel. During her time as the face of Nick Jr! they were nominated for Childrens Bafta for Channel of the Year.

At the Children's BAFTAS
At the Children’s BAFTAS