C.T.R.L Makes official selection at BFI London Film Festival

Really honoured to find out that C.T.R.L made the official selection for the BFI Film Festival. This year is the first year they have had a short film category, so even more momentous.

One thing I really loved as well as being selected  for the festival is that we were also selected as part of the educational programme. So I spent a morning down at the BFI talking to young film makers about getting into the industry. The Q and A was organised by the BFI and it was a really fun morning watching some of the other specially selected films and hearing the process each film maker had made to create their work. The films were varied from sharply observed comedy to a deeply moving film about ‘casual racism’. It was incredible to hear what had inspired them and how they had employed their methods to create the films, finance them, shoot them and cast them. It’s always important to give back and the fledging film makers asked really interesting and thought provoking questions.